Instructions for use EroFertil

Like to buy

In this case, the minimum course duration days 36 days the drug for medical purposes. And weight problems and the individual organism are determined by the course of the last days. The context of 1 capsule taken every day one day at a time close to, but definitely before dinner. If possible, temporary intervals between meals must be equal.

A preventive circuit to the same standard course. Again, your advice at least every six months. These prevent the development of serious diseases, to prolong sexual activity and adulthood.

In this case, a one-time purchase for 1 capsule if drunk 30-60 minutes before planned sexual intercourse. Healthy middle-aged men EroFertil after 20 minutes of Falling Body Motion.

In either case, drink the required water (at least 250 ml 150 ml best way). This tool metabolism, improves the absorption of active ingredients and increases productivity. That is strictly prohibited the use of cold water slows down your metabolism. Hot or not, it kills all useful.

To whom the necessary EroFertil

Pill EroFertil require a doctor's appointment. In this case, when self-secure domestic conditions. An appointment is required in the following cases:

  • background serious disorders and hormonal (low testosterone levels);
  • decreased libido;
  • erectile function disorder in any character (including after injury);
  • premature ejaculation, and bad sperm quality;
  • diseases of the urinary system;
  • depression, stress, nervous and physical exhaustion, chronic sleep deprivation;
  • pelvic blood flow disorders;
  • men at risk (over age 40);
  • wrong lifestyle (physical inactivity, excess weight, harmful habits).


All-natural composition to allow for a list to minimize the contraindications. Just a severe disease of central nervous, cardiovascular and urogenital systems. In this case, it is recommended your doctor. Also the creation of components.

Also the age limit. EroFertil starting with let's say, 18 years. Restrictions on the duration of use is missing. Part because the few that are present at the same time as a natural aphrodisiac, to avoid overdosage, the instructions should be strictly followed.

Efficacy and safety EroFertil this is confirmed by clinical studies. 98% of patients with the potency of is completely healed. 93 % improved sexual life.