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  • Paweł
    Easy wont dress has returned to serious problems. It was a particularly cold day, on the street led to spend a long time on the bed, then the violation and urination. You have to go to the doctor I would recommend EroFertil. The first time I heard about the drug, so he hesitated. But the experienced physician, have a good reputation, so treatment started again. 1 month, possible to completely restore health and symptoms of prostatitis and an erection has been achieved once went to.
  • Natalia
    I started having problems after a big injury, and sex. Despite any desire for just a loss healthy. Didn't want to go to the doctor, I started looking for workarounds. I learned erofertilI like a lot the composition, and a comprehensive action on the body. Already after 2 weeks my husband was not for Learn. Sex several times a day, her husband was energetic and cheerful.
  • Michał
    After my divorce I began to notice, in this bed isn't as good as used. Weak erection, premature ejaculation and I don't enjoy any, nor partner. When I started searching, Natural Medicine, studied, evaluation and decision EroFertil I need something. He took the course, and it was like sex 18 years old.
  • Patryk
    It's been a long time, constantly partners, respectively, and sex 1-2 times a month. Once found, that's good enough for me, have a sexual interest in private. More then a few times as the holes, especially a used condom. When a girl appeared, it was obvious this problem was more serious, I thought. First, I wanted to go to a psychologist, then a urologist, but stumbled on pharmaceutical advertising EroFertil. I decided to try and I have never regretted it. Power after fully healed, the level, of course, the results of the first 3 days after introduction.
  • Tomasz
    Sincere challenges in your life has been, but lately, more and more friends begin to suffer potency disorders. I've decided not to take the necessary preventive measures in between, sitting on a bench. And that's not recommended with consultation of urology, Pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical and biological additives EroFertilsaying , soft components on the body herbal. Any difficulties in bed and so far I'm drinking the course of medications celebrated. Hopefully when that day comes, if not read carefully, for your own health.
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