Fast-acting products that increase potency in men

Potency in men is influenced by many factors, but still the key to a strong erection and increased libido is proper nutrition. However, not all foods are equally good for the body. Some of them can worsen the condition and accelerate the development of erectile dysfunction. Think of all the foods that can quickly restore the reproductive system and improve men's overall health.


The most famous aphrodisiac that first comes to mind are oysters. These shells are high in dopamine, organic zinc and amino acids. These substances stimulate male libido, improve sperm quality, and also affect testosterone production.

In addition to a positive effect on the reproductive system, seafood improves overall health - increases immunity, tones the nervous system, speeds up metabolism.

The microelements and vitamins, which are part of the oysters, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, increase hemoglobin, participate in the processes of hematopoiesis, reduce the concentration of cholesterol.

To increase potency, it is recommended to consume about 5-7 fresh oysters a day. Heat treatment destroys some of the nutrients and reduces their ability to stimulate male erections.

Important! Studies show that regular consumption of oysters in the diet can prevent prostate disease, including reducing the risk of cancer.

The disadvantage of this product is its high price and rarity. Frozen oysters are more common in stores. To prepare them, you need to boil water, add pepper and salt. Seafood fall into boiling water for 1-2 minutes. After opening the wings are removed and served on the table, sprinkled with lemon juice.


They are rich in vitamins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, trace elements. This can not but have a positive effect on health. A nice bonus is the rapid increase in male strength.

potency boost

The list of seafood that stimulates erection:

  • Flounder. The high concentration of vitamins A, E, B, zinc, protein in it improves the functioning of the genitourinary system. Method of cooking - steam. This type of heat treatment preserves the maximum amount of nutrients. In other cases, some of them are destroyed, thus reducing the value of seafood,
  • tuna. Vitamins B1, B6, B12, A, PP, polyunsaturated fatty acids make this type of fish valuable for men who want to maintain and improve the health of the reproductive system. In addition to the beneficial effect on potency, regular consumption of tuna helps to eliminate the inflammatory process in the genitourinary system,
  • Mackerel. Contains very easily digestible proteins, Omega-3 and Omega-6 amino acids, phosphorus, iodine and fluorine. Such a complex improves sperm quality, enhances sexual arousal and attraction. Mussels have a similar composition,
  • Fever. Contains vitamins C, A, B12, which helps increase the attraction and normalize the erectile functions of the male body.


This product is the undisputed leader in the ranking of natural remedies to increase potency in men. Its properties became known hundreds of years ago, when nomadic peoples of the East used the stomach of a camel for food. Evidence of the beneficial effects of this product on the reproductive system is the high fertility of Arab men over 50-60 years.

Sychuzhina has many positive qualities:

  • erection stimulation,
  • increase in testosterone levels,
  • increased libido,
  • normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs,
  • improving immunity,
  • lack of side effects and contraindications.

The only drawback is the inaccessibility. You can get the stomach of a camel in countries where these animals are common. This is usually Egypt or the Emirates. In order for a product to acquire its useful properties, it must be worked properly after its extraction.

To get the desired result, it is necessary half an hour before intercourse to eat a piece of stomach the size of a pea. Regular use will help avoid potency problems for many years.


This product is indispensable in the diet of every person. Protein, trace elements, amino acids stimulate the production of thyroxine, which helps to improve the conduction of nerve receptors, cleansing cells of toxic substances. Meat, cooked properly, energizes, increases endurance, regulates testosterone levels in the blood.

meat for potency

With regular use of meat products should be remembered that it is better to choose low-fat varieties. They will not lead to the deposition of cholesterol on the internal organs, sides and abdomen, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels.

Useful types of meat include:

  • horse meat,
  • beef,
  • rabbit meat,
  • Turkey,
  • hen.

Other aphrodisiacs are lamb and bull eggs, rooster comb, pheasant dishes.

It is important not only to eat meat often, but also to choose the right method of cooking. The most useful option is cooking, baking in the oven without adding fat or stewing. Valuable animal proteins, vitamins and microelements are preserved with such cooking methods.

Important! It should be borne in mind that excessive consumption of meat leads to problems with the cardiovascular system. Therefore, the amount of useful product must be controlled. Men with a sedentary lifestyle need about 100-150 g per day. For those who do hard physical work or sports, 200-300 g are enough.


Many herbs have long been used in folk medicine to increase potency. They are rich in nutrients and affordable. Adding vegetables to your daily diet does not require any work or expense.

List of useful herbs for men:

parsley to increase potency
  • Parsley. It contains vitamins B, C, E, K, beta-carotene, zinc, manganese, phosphorus and many other minerals that are essential for increasing potency. It also contains flavonoids, organic acids, essential oils, which in addition to a beneficial effect on the reproductive system, cleanse the body of toxic substances, stimulate blood circulation. It is recommended to eat parsley both alone and added to meat, vegetable dishes, salads,
  • dill. Vitamins C, B, E, folic acid, potassium and calcium make this herb a panacea for men's health. Nitric oxide and arginine improve blood circulation, dilate blood vessels, which has a beneficial effect on erectile function,
  • Celery. In addition to vitamins and minerals, this plant is rich in androsterone. It is an herbal substitute for testosterone. Thanks to it, the use of celery gives an instant result in terms of increasing potency. It is often used as a prophylaxis of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Useful substances are found in stems and roots,
  • basil. Evenol and vitamin-mineral complex reduce the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the body, preventing the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques on the walls of blood vessels. Basil stems also improve blood circulation, strengthen veins and arteries. This contributes to maintaining the health of men for many years.


Incredible storage of useful micro and macro elements, vitamins, proteins - nuts. A small handful of this product quickly replenishes the daily intake of many useful substances necessary for the proper functioning of all body systems, including reproductive.

potency-enhancing nuts

The daily inclusion of nuts in the diet will help a man to easily strengthen the erection, increase sperm production and improve its quality.

Popular potency products in this category:

  • Pistachios. No wonder Eastern men are known for their fertility. 100 g of nuts contain the right amount of zinc, folic acid, arginine and polyunsaturated fats. Helps strengthen the immune system, increase testosterone, physical endurance, strengthens erections,
  • Walnut. Source of vitamins A, B, C, E, K, minerals necessary for life. Zinc is the most important trace element for male potency, increases testosterone levels. By eating 8-10 pieces a day, you can forget about sexual weakness for many years,
  • Cedar. Regular consumption of small amounts of pine nuts is an effective prevention of male impotence,
  • Almonds. It contains B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, as well as arginine, necessary for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Milk and milk products

The benefits of these products are known to all from childhood. To successfully increase sexual desire, erection and duration of sexual intercourse, it is necessary to consume certain dairy products daily - sour cream, sour cream, cheese, milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. They compensate for the lack of vitamins and minerals. Sufficient calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium ensures the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

One of the most useful products in this category is koumiss. Mare's milk improves blood circulation in the pelvis, stimulates the body's cells to regenerate, increases hemoglobin and slows down natural aging. A glass of koumiss, the exam after breakfast, will prolong life and improve sexual activity and endurance.

potency milk

Important! Many people are lactose intolerant, so dairy products are banned for them.


Fresh chicken or quail eggs are suitable for erectile dysfunction. The raw product is considered more valuable for men's health than prepared in any way.

Eating eggs every day helps break down cholesterol, which builds up in the blood over time and turns into lumps of fat that build up on the walls of blood vessels. Thus, over time, the lumen of the veins and arteries narrows, the movement of blood through them slows down. As a result, less nutrients and oxygen enter the genitals. Erection becomes weak or disappears completely.

Eggs stimulate the production of testosterone, which determines arousal, the duration of sexual intercourse. Also, their daily presence in the diet strengthens bones, teeth, prevents the development of certain eye and cardiovascular diseases, especially hypertension.


No balanced diet is complete without them. The potency-boosting diet should include vegetable dishes. Onions, garlic, carrots are rich in vitamins and minerals needed by every man for health and strength in bed.

Another valuable product for normalizing potency and hormonal balance is turnips. By adding it to meat dishes, you can achieve consistently high levels of erection and sexual desire.

Pumpkin seeds

They contain a large amount of plant protein, vitamins A, E, K, B, PP, as well as micro and macro elements. Such a useful composition makes them an indispensable product for the health of the whole organism.

pumpkin seeds for potency

Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, testosterone production and reduces the frequency of premature ejaculation. Also, this product prevents the formation of inflammation and congestion in the reproductive system. It is an effective prevention of impotence, prostatitis and other dangerous diseases.

Fresh juices

Natural fruit or vegetable juices are a real fast-acting vitamin bomb. They quench thirst, saturate the body with essential vitamins, micro and macro elements.

It is necessary to drink juices prepared immediately before use. They have the highest concentration of nutrients.

The list of juices needed for men's health:

  • pumpkin. The presence of zinc improves the functioning of the male reproductive system, increases sexual desire,
  • Nar. The microelements and vitamins contained in this fruit improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system, stimulate the blood supply to the pelvic organs, saturate the tissues with oxygen, reduce vasospasm,
  • watermelon. This delicious berry contains a useful amino acid - citrulline. In the man's body it is transformed into arginine, without which a full sexual life is impossible. With a sufficient amount of this substance, the walls of blood vessels dilate, which makes it easier for blood to pass to the genitals.

Other freshly squeezed juices are also useful - celery, mango, strawberries, grapes, carrots and even a banana puree drink. They are drunk individually or mixed to make delicious combined cocktails.

What "kills" potency

Not every food is good for men. The following are particularly dangerous for the reproductive system:

  • Smoked meat. During the preparation process, toxic substances accumulate in the product, which adversely affects the function of the testicles and the production of testosterone,
  • Carbonated drinks. They contain a huge amount of sugar, which dramatically raises blood sugar levels, contributes to hormonal imbalances in the body,
  • soda as a harmful beverage for potency
  • Beer. Inhibits testosterone production. In its place comes the female hormone - estrogen. The figure of the man changes, acquiring feminine features. Uncontrolled consumption of beer is the main enemy of sexual life,
  • Important! Not only beer but also other alcoholic beverages have a negative effect on men.

  • Fatty foods and fast food. It contains a large amount of cholesterol, which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels, gradually clogging them. This leads to the fact that the blood circulates worse in the body, tissues and organs begin to experience oxygen starvation,
  • coffee. Excessive consumption of caffeinated products reduces testosterone levels. Sexual desire disappears, erectile function deteriorates,
  • White bread, sweet pastries. These products contain sugar, yeast, which reduces the natural production of male sex hormone,
  • soybeans. Contains phytoestrogen, which belongs to the group of plant female hormones.