Increased potency in men after 40

increased potency in men after 40 years

Potency problems after the age of 40 are common in many men, but in most cases they are all easy to correct. To deal with this problem quickly, you should consult a urologist andrologist. Taking potency pills on your own is not the best solution, as you may make the wrong choice and make the problem worse. From this article on our website you will learn what to do if you have problems with potency.

What should be the strength of a man of 40

At this age, a healthy man can maintain full sexuality. But all men lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, until the age of 40, some of them maintain normal sexuality and even try to remember their youth with young partners. The other part has reduced sexual activity due to emerging diseases and unhealthy lifestyle.

The concept of the norm for each man is individual, but the average healthy man of 40 years requires 2-3 sexual intercourses per week. Recent studies have found that more than 80% of potency disorders are related to various diseases. Many of them are hidden, but they are reflected in the sex life. Increasingly, such diseases are detected during an examination by a sexologist or urologist-andrologist for low potency.

At the age of 40, the physiological processes of aging are just beginning to manifest and a healthy man does not feel them, his interest in sex may even increase. The content of the male sex hormone testosterone in the blood is slightly reduced, so the man "does not start with half a turn", he needs time and more significant stimulation.

Morning and night spontaneous erections occur much less frequently, the erection develops more slowly, but is completely complete and sufficient for sexual intercourse. The experience compensates and smooths out the minor physiological changes and in no way affects the relationship with the partner.

The reasons for the deterioration of potency after 40 years

All potency problems at the age of 40 are caused by psychogenic causes or organic diseases. At the same time, the share of psychogenic factors (frequent or prolonged stress, neurosis, depression) amounts to no more than 20%, while obviously or latent organic diseases are the cause of low potency in the remaining 80% of cases. If the man does not have an understanding partner, then the organic causes are combined with psychogenic and significantly worsen them.

The main "culprits" for impotence are diseases associated with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

This is atherosclerosis and related ischemic heart disease with attacks of angina pectoris and atherosclerosis of the arteries of the lower extremities, arterial hypertension (persistent high blood pressure - BP). Circulatory disorders lead to the fact that during sexual arousal, blood cannot flow quickly in the arteries of the pelvis and the arteries of the penis, which causes problems with the development of erections. To restore it, you need to maintain a normal circulatory system.

what causes potency problems

Potency problems in type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes are not uncommon. In this disease there is a change in the walls of the small arteries, a violation of their patency and innervation, which leads to erectile dysfunction. In addition, in diabetes, sexual desire (libido) is often reduced in men due to decreased testosterone secretion.

Studies in recent years have shown that low potency is also caused by certain drugs used in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Negative effects on potency are mainly exerted by drugs to lower blood pressure. They can be easily replaced with other drugs that do not have these side effects. Thus, drugs from the angiotensin II receptor antagonist group (losartan) do not cause erectile dysfunction and even maintain it. Taking antidepressants and tranquilizers (anti-anxiety drugs) also has a negative effect on potency.

By the age of 40, some men have long-standing bad habits such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Both habits hit the blood vessels (causing permanent contractions) and the neurohormonal system, helping to reduce testosterone secretion.

Not all men in their 40s lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right by choosing healthy foods. A sedentary lifestyle in combination with high-calorie foods, unhealthy foods and systematic beer consumption lead to obesity, worsening of cardiovascular problems and potency.

By the age of 40, many men have had genital infections that are not always completely cured, remain asymptomatic for years, and affect the condition of the genitals. A sedentary (office) lifestyle, combined with such a latent infection, is often the cause of chronic inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), urinary disorders and impotence.

What are the main symptoms of impotence in 40

All characters are divided into:

  • Sexual impairment (libido)is ​​a sign of testosterone deficiency. Usually a 40-year-old man should not have this, but perhaps this is due to hereditary characteristics or diseases. The man becomes indifferent to women. In this case, you should consult a doctor, find out the cause and be treated (everything is recoverable).
  • Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction), which manifests as the following initial symptoms: the penis is not large enough and hard; incomplete angle of elevation of the penis; sexual intercourse has a shorter duration than before; it is not always possible to achieve discharge; premature ejaculation occurs; the number of spontaneous erections decreases; poor potency leads to dissatisfaction with sexual life; the man needs medical help.
  • Impaired libido and erection in men at the same time.Most often, such disorders develop with diabetes, obesity and prolonged alcohol abuse. There are signs of complete impotence. But in this case the man can be helped, you just need to see a doctor.

Degrees of potency disorders at age 40

degree of potency violation

Potency disorders occur at any age. At 40, they are a little more than in their youth. By weight, they are divided into:

  • lungs- the first manifestations are insignificant, most men just do not notice them, failures are rare;
  • moderate- the disorders are already noticeable and cause concern; poor potency and frequent failures cause psychological problems; but at this stage no more than a quarter of men seek medical help without considering themselves ill;
  • severe- failures follow one another and lead to complete impotence; you can help such men if you go to the doctor and follow all his recommendations.

How to increase potency in a man after 40

Increased potency in men after the age of 40 should be performed under the supervision of a physician. It begins with a full examination of a man, even if he does not file any complaints, except for complaints of violation of his sexual life. If necessary, a sexologist or urologist sends him for consultation and treatment to doctors of another profile (therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist). At the same time, correction of potency disorders is performed.

Depending on the established disorders and concomitant diseases, medications, additional methods are prescribed - physiotherapy, massage, therapeutic gymnastics, etc. In recent years, reflexology in combination with psychotherapy has become widespread.

What drugs are prescribed for potency disorders after 40 years

A sexologist or urologist-andrologist will tell you how to increase potency in men after the age of 40. Medicine has a sufficient arsenal of means to restore potency. But only a doctor can choose the right medicine. Drugs to increase potency in men after 40:

  • Drugs containing testosterone and increasing libido - are prescribed for libido disorders against the background of reduced testosterone secretion. This leads to an increase in sexual desire.
  • Drugs from the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme inhibitors (PDE-5). Considered the most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. The mechanism of their action is related to the suppression of the action of an enzyme that prevents the formation of biologically active substances involved in complex biochemical processes that provide immediate dilation of the small arteries of the genitals and blood flow to the penis with the development of erections. But all drugs in this group work only with existing sexual arousal. In the absence of libido, they are ineffective.
  • Other groups of drugs used to treat potency disorders in men: alpha-blockers; increasing the formation of nitric oxide, which is necessary for vasodilation; relaxing arterial walls synthetic analogues of prostaglandin E; help to improve the functioning of the circulatory system; herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, nutritional supplements (nutritional supplements) that increase potency.

Additional treatments for potency disorders

Complex treatment may include additional drug-free methods:

  • physiotherapy - the individual selection of techniques depends on the patient's condition;
  • massage - general and segmental massage perfectly restores blood circulation, metabolism, energizes;
  • physiotherapy exercises (LFK) - special complexes will help to restore sexual function, and possible sports will strengthen health and sexuality;
  • reflexology - the impact on the reflex points on the human body can improve overall health, including sexual function;
  • psychotherapy - frequent failures in bed exacerbate potency problems; after a course of psychotherapy, a person gains confidence that he can cope with any situation.

How to improve potency after 40 without a doctor

In case of slight one-time failures or if a man just wants to increase his abilities, you can use folk remedies, herbal medicines, nutritional supplements (nutritional supplements).

But given the fact that in most cases the cause of potency disorders is some common disease, it is better to consult a doctor.

Folk remedies

Of course, herbal decoctions and tinctures are far from such modern medicines, but they can be used to maintain potency with their mild disorders. Up to the age of forty, with potency disorders, a man can use many folk remedies. But at the same time, it is important to know how they work and whether a particular drug will help your problems.

TOP-3 folk remedies

  1. Fresh aloe leaves.It has long been used as a stimulating, restorative means of impotence. Today it has been found that this plant is able to accumulate zinc, which is necessary for the male body to maintain sexual function. Peel an aloe leaf, wash it, keep it in a dark place for a day and then take 3 cm leaf every day half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is one month. Restores libido, maintains an erection. Aloe is especially useful for prostate problems because it suppresses inflammation and the growth of benign tumors.
  2. Nettle seeds cooked in wine.Take 100 g of fresh or dried nettle seeds, pour 500 ml of dry wine, keep on low heat for 3-5 minutes, then set aside, cool, filter and take 50 ml at night. Course - until the decoction is over. Soothing and restorative.
  3. Infusion of onion peel.Before going to bed, boil in a thermos a tablespoon of chopped onion peels 250 ml of boiling water, leave overnight; the next day take 80 ml three times a day half an hour before meals for 4 - 6 weeks. Improves blood circulation in the pelvis, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action.

Potency Strengthening and Maintenance Exercises

Various sets of exercises have been developed to restore and improve men's sexual function. One of the most popular is a set of exercises by A. Kegel to strengthen the pelvic floor and improve blood circulation in the pelvis. Particular attention is paid to strengthening the pubococcygeal muscle (PCM), which supports sexual function. To feel this muscle, a person must block the flow of urine during urination. Muscle tension will allow the LMB to be detected.

TOP-3 basic Kegel exercises

  1. Squeeze the LMB in an upright position, tense it, hold it in this position for 3 seconds, then relax. Do it 10 times.
  2. In the supine position, do 10 quick cuts-relaxations on the LMB in a row, then, after a short break, repeat everything. Do it 8 times.
  3. Repeat the exercise while lying on your stomach.
  4. Repeat on all fours.

Prevention of impotence after 40

To prevent a decrease in potency or increase it, pills alone are not enough. The man must:

  • move more, exercise; many sports are offered at 40;
  • get rid of excess weight;
  • forget about bad habits - smoking and regular drinking;
  • to eat properly, preferring lean animal food, vegetables, fruits, cereals; oily sea fish is useful, can be consumed twice a week; reduce the use of fatty, fried foods, pastries, muffins;
  • do not forget to rest, enough sleep is a prerequisite for preventing impotence;
  • get rid of frequent or prolonged stress;
  • treat all diseases in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there safe means to quickly restore potency at 40

Yes, there is. There are many such drugs, urologist-andrologist will help you choose the right one for you to increase potency.

How does alcohol affect potency at 40?

Only systemic alcohol consumption has a negative effect on potency.

What vitamins can be taken to improve potency after 40 years?

Special vitamins for maintaining potency, vitamin supplements, etc. are produced. They are accepted both for prevention and correction of disorders.

Potency in men after 40 may decrease to some extent, but this is normal, as it is associated with the occurrence of age-related changes and should not bother the man. In case of recurrence of sexual disorders, a doctor should be consulted. You should not panic: today all this is treated perfectly. It is also very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, move more and eat right.